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ASK: Frequently asked questions

we hope we have answered all your questions here but if you have ADDITIONAL questions please call us at 615-297-7800.

appointments & Choosing your gown

Do I have to make an appointment?
We always recommend making an appointment, especially Thursday through Saturday. Appointments typically last between 1.5 - 2 hours.

Do you ever accept after-hours appointments?
We know how hard brides work these day, so we can make special arrangements to meet with you. Please feel free to call us to discuss.

Am I allowed to take pictures during my appointment?
You can't take pictures when trying on dresses, but you are welcome when you "say yes to your dress."

Should I choose a wedding dress before I choose my bridesmaids' dresses?
It's way best to find your gown first, it will effect the style and look for your ladies. You want them to compliment your wedding day vision.

Do you provide alterations services?
We have a alterations person with over 30 years of experience. You work directly with her, booking fitting, and you pay her directly (She is paid by check only.) 

Do you store the dress until the wedding?
During the alterations process we can store the gown at the store for no additional fee 

Do you have a concierge service that can deliver the gown the day of the wedding?
This is a service we can provide for you. It needs to be reserved 1-2 months in advance of the wedding and is based on availability, so book early if you know this is something you will need.

Can I sign up for emails keeping me informed of sales & special events?
Yes, and we encourage you to do so. We are constantly having things pop up if you're on our list you'll hear about it first!

Bridesmaids & Mothers

If I have bridesmaids who are out of state how do they order?
We have a easy form for them to fill out. We keep you informed when all the ladies have sent us everything and we contact you to confirm the style, colors etc before placing the order. Once the dressed arrive we ship them directly to each BM 

Can you help us select these based around my gown selection & the style of the wedding?
This is what we love to do! Styles, colors, textures we will create a beautiful picture around you and make the process fun for everyone.

Can you assist me in styling the wedding party?
This is what we love to do! Styles, colors, textures! We will create a beautiful picture around you and make the process fun for everyone.

Can you also deliver the bridesmaids and mothers dresses?
If you book us to take your gown we're happy to also deliver the bridesmaids and mothers dress.

Tuxedo Rentals

Do you rent Tuxedos?
Yes, we have a large range of Tuxedos to make the guys look perfect. If some or all of the men are out of town we have a form we send to them.

Invitations and Announcements

Do you offer invitations, and do I need an appointment to discuss?
Yes, we can help you with your invitations and  an appointment is highly recommended. We have certain team members who work on all the printed items.

Can you provide me with what I will need to place the newspaper announcement with the gown description?
We love seeing our beautiful brides in you beautiful gown in publications. We can provide you with all the information.

After the Wedding

Do you offer gown preservation services?
Yes, and we highly recommend you do this. You can drop it off at the store or it can be picked up at the hotel the day after the Wedding. The process takes 3-5 months.

Can tuxedos be picked up after the wedding, or are the men required to return them?
We have a concierge service than can pick up the Tuxedos the day after the wedding. They must be at one location like a Hotel. Some may want to bring them back to the store which is fine, they don't all have to be at the Hotel to receive this service.

Other FAQ

If I find everything at b. Hughes Bridal Formal are there special discounts or benefits?
We love the opportunity to style you, your ladies, mothers, the men etc. the more you do the more we can do for you 

How can I apply as a intern?
It's a pleasure for us to bring qualified Intern into the world of Couture Bridal. Email us your résumé along with what semester and dates you are wanting, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours let you know if we wish to book a interview

What is NYC Bridal market and when is it?
Twice a year, April and October Bridal takes over the city! All of our designers show their latest breathtaking creations.

What's is a Trunk Show?
Designers send one of their top representatives from their along with latest collection that has not hit stores yet. This is an amazing opportunity to be the first to see the new collection in person and mingle with their rep.