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Harper and Olive Wedding Day Hair Tips

From our friends and neighbors at Harper and Olive Salon:

The Top Three MUST HAVES for achieving successful bridal hair

1) Having the right product is EVERYTHING. Your perfect bridal hair starts way before the actual hair trial and wedding day. Give your hair more time for health by waiting another day to shampoo. Brush natural oils from the roots to the ends, add dry shampoo and massage it in with your fingertips. Our favorite dry shampoo is Oh Bee Hive! by Bed Head. Shake can vigorously, spray 10-12 inches away from the root and massage in. Oh Bee Hive! is a great matte shampoo that helps create grip for the styling as well as absorbing unwanted oils especially around the crown of your head. Products such as, Superfine Hairspray by Oribe, Soft Lacquer by Oribe, and Camera Ready shine spray by TIGI are some other amazing products to help enhance and sustain your styled hair. 


2) Use the right heat styling tool! At Harper + Olive we love the Neuro Paul Mitchell wand. The wand vs. a curling iron is really no competition. This wand creates loose waves as well as tighter curls. You can make it versatile by the temperature you choose and how you wrap the hair around the wand. Also, it may seem like a “no-brainer” but having bobby pins that match your hair color are MUST HAVES. You can instantly change an everyday ponytail into a sleek top bun or braid some of your hair off to the side and pin it back for a more relaxed feminine look. 

3) Say “NO” to having too many bad hair days by making sure you’re pre-booking your appointments. Getting regular trims helps keep your hair strong and easier to manage. When it comes time for you to pop by the salon to do a bridal trial, make sure that you’ve booked your appointments out and that you’re ready to show your stylist the style of hair you desire. Communication is key, and will help you achieve the overall look you want. 

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