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Making Engagement Sessions Effortless

In your relationship, it may be very easy to show your love for one another. However, when a camera crew is involved and up close and personal, it can feel as your entire body freezes and has no idea how to interact with your future husband. With these side notes to keep in mind - it'll create not only effortless portraits for your mantle forever (no pressure), but also make it fun!

Don't take it so seriously - with the pressure of knowing these are forever, they're up close and personal without an Instagram filter, you've imagined engagement pictures since a little girl, you want every detail to be absolutely perfect. And simply hate that one cloud covering your favorite tree in the background. But LET ALL OF IT GO. Do not put so much on this moment, just enjoy it and make it fun. Do not worry about every aspect, it will show in your body language. Just embrace being a glowing bride and having your loved one in your arms making you laugh.

*I guarentee no one will ever be looking at the tree in the background*

Keep it casual | but you're style - you can absolutely wear whatever makes you feel best on picture day. Just keep in mind, these are not school headshots where you dont have to move neck down. These images are about movement and being cohesive with a partner. So when chosing your favorite outfit, remember it is important to be able to move freely and not pulling or tugging at attire when your focus is you and your groom.

Clean look - alot of images are taken out in nature. Of course, this is absolutely your choice of location but if you have an item of clothing with a busy print in a nature setting it will be harder to stand out or transition of you and the groom being the absolute focus. Classic whites | neutrals | earthtones are most flattering when paired with any outdoor setting. My example in my mind to stray away from is a green leaf Crown and Ivy cardigan with a greenery background.

You're beautiful - us ladies have 'good sides' and 'bad sides,' 'good angles' and 'bad angles' but you cannot force the perfect angled head down shoulders back perfect angle.

It will come off very forced. Assuming nothing with your loved one about your relationship has been forced, other than making the groom excited to take pictures..then your body language should not be forced. You are a radiant bride in love and that alone is going to make you shine brighter than before. You are beautiful - showcase it off.

Don't Be Shy - Remember all those years in high school where you drew your crushes name on your journal and wanted to feed him food at the lunch table to claim he was your crush who you weren't even dating? No? Just me? Okay, well anyway this is your time to show off your other half! So many of us sit and look at couples online (again, just me?) and dream of the special day we'll be taking pictures as a big announcement. So all we ask, if you show it off and be comfortable! Embrace your best self!




Posted by Karen Kaforey at 1:13 PM
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