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Valentine's for the Newly Engaged

If you're newly engaged, you might have a whole new standard for celebrating Valentine's Day with your special person. With the average engagement less than a year - it could be that this is the only Valentine's Day with your fiance. 

If you're days are filled with stress and you can feel the strain on you + your partner, pull out all the stops with a full couple's spa day. Get some head clarity and put the world on a pause to just be present with your fiance. If finances turn this option down, run a hot bath + light some candles. Create a safe space to unwind without adding stress to your wallet.

If you're considered a sentimental couple, physically go to a place that was significant in your relationship. This could be the first time they said "I love you," or just the place they knew they loved you + hadn't told you yet. Even if you find yourself at a dive in restaurant on the corner dead road - it's still an important place to you two. Do not overranaylze Valentine's Day into being only about fine dining and the fancy napkins we all feel bad using because of getting them dirty.

If you've been knee deep in planning the big day + you find yourself seeing it's the only thing you can think about and can't catch a breath, plan a mini pre-honeymoon. Whether it's local and in your nearest city with a night out and day adventures. It doesn't matter how far you are from home - as long as you have a getaway. Take time to refocus on the normal days and put the wedding talk to rest for one weekend. As fun as it can be to plan a wedding, it is important to remember the big picture and keep your relationship clear minded and excited for the big day.

If you're a saving machine in preparation for your wedding - save the celebration. Find a day next week when the town's prices aren't so inflated. Take some time to enjoy a night in. Don't worry about all the production Valentine's Day can lead up to in expenses. Every couple is going through their own walk of life together. Don't let expectations and standards cause strain on the relationship. Enjoy where you are even if it's to eat ice cream on the kitchen floor. That's where you are and others will be where they are as well. 

Happy Day of Love!

Posted by Karen Kaforey at 15:59
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