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What to Expect When You're Expecting...to Find the Dress

When on the search for that perfect dress, walking into a full boutique of designer gowns presented to you can give you immediate anxiety and you haven't even taken two steps in the door yet. You'll feel overwhelmed in the possibilities of silhouettes, fabrics, asthetics, necklines, ivory vs. white, etc. And to be honest, brides are always at one of their happiest times in their lives - marrying the special someone of their dreams and that means anything you try on wrong for you or not, you're going to be glowing. Finding your perfect dress is just how you found the perfect partner, you overwhelmingly shopped around until one just hit you perfectly and it gave you all the right feelings. We have years to date to find the perfect match, but we don't have years for the perfect dress. So, here is what to prepare for a bridal appointment and take the task like a champ. There are so many things that we can do to limit the stress off of the process, for starters -

Start Early in the Game: you may feel a bit strange shopping for a dress that is 9 months - a year away. But, this is not a sundress to your uncles 4th of July BBQ you're shopping for. This is your wedding gown. It takes 4-6 months to special order a wedding gown and that is not including alterations and accessorizing. You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to not have the dress be rushed in production and be able to accessorize your special day's details around the look of the dress (such as bouqets, bridesmaids + groomsmen attire).

Stay True to You: it is great to be open-minded and want to try different styles that surprise you. However, these pictures are forever and will be hung over the mantle for years to come. If your personality is classic + simple and you chose a dress that is the exact opposite, that may have been just a phase and may not speak to you as much as it did years down the road. Stay true to yourself and the dress will show exactly all who you are. It will be timeless.

Do Your Homework: when searching for gowns, we're all going to gravitate to things that jump out to us more than others. It's important to remember what styles you gravitate towards. Go beyond online and pinterest, do your research in magazines and bridal market looks. It'll will broaden the horizon of options but you'll begin to see necklines, silhouettes, embellishments and fabrics that you'll inspire to look for. in the boutique. Create a personal look book of your inspirations of the day of the appointment.

Respect Your Budget: it is hard to have a direct price-point, but make sure you have a ballpark range that you are comfortable with. It feels defeating to try on a dress five times out of your range and feeling no other dresses will compare to that one.

Don't Be Too Hard on yourself: it is so okay to be picky and want your vision to come true. You're not being high maintanence, although you may feel that way. It may not be exactly what you imagined head to toe, but do not apologize for not liking a dress or being very specific in what you're looking for. In fact, it will help you in the long run before you've tried on dozens and dozens and choose one you don't love just to get it over with.

HAVE FUN: this is a time you may have imagined since you were a little girl. Have fun in the process and remember it passes in the blink of an eye. Try to not get defeated and do a little dance in each dress whether its a 'heck yes!' or 'heck no!' This is a time with friends and family you'll want to last longer than it does. Enjoy it and be the glowing bride that you already are!


Posted by Karen Kaforey at 11:18 AM
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